System Failure Analysis - How to Analyze Failure

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The system failure analysis is a complicated and sophisticated approach to finding the root cause of failures in complex system that is malfunctioning or it may be a product that has unsuccessful in service. The failure analysis starts by identifying the failure symptoms. The next step is to evaluate the failure causes by using a fault tree analysis method. This is simply a method of semantically formative all the potential causes of the failure and depicting them graphically when the fault tree has been compiled it is likely to see how the possible causes relate to each other and how they can add to the system failure.

The next step is to study each possible failure form to examine the like hood that it may have contributed to the problem. This is done by compiling a failure mode evaluation and assignment matrix. Project team members are then assigned to investigate each possible cause more than assigned to investigate each possible cause more closely. There are various techniques that can be used to failure analysis - A what's different analysis identifies the factors that have been distorted and may have contributed to the system failure.

A pedigree analysis examines the documents (including sample data, test data, inspection data, vendor material information) related to the mechanism and assemblies identified in the fault tree. Theoretical failure modes can be investigated by making particular test on components to inducer failures. Various analytic tests can be done on hardware components as the failed equipment is stripped down for inspection.

The beauty of the failure mode analysis is that it offers a logical method of determining all the possible modes of system failure and investigating them to determine the most likely causes. I hope in this article you will get some information about system failure analysis and prevention.

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System Failure Analysis - How to Analyze Failure

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This article was published on 2010/03/27