Are You a Failure Or Success?

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This is a good question. As jobs fold and people inevitably feel rejected the alluring and enticing position is to view yourself as a failure. So let's indulge you a bit since you're of this mindset.

Yes. You are a failure. You're a loser and you've lost your job. It's all your fault. You should have been better, brighter, more organised, there longer, less anxious, more engaging, more assertive. In fact, you should have gone in every morning with rings on your fingers and bells on your toes and done a little office jig just to show how much you wanted to keep everyone happy and entertained! In fact, because you were so useless at entertaining and smiling and laughing in the right places, the big red arrow is now pointing at you and you're out, boyo!

How much of a failure do you feel now? There comes a time when we have to really look at the forces that are operating in the market. Companies are having to slim down their workforce, change direction, re-work their marketing strategies, bring in new products, take out old products, think up a new company structure that engages all strata to make sure people are buying into the ethos of the company. Unless they do this, they risk failing at providing any gainful employ at all!

If you've had a pay off, or you're thinking about a home business, I can refer you to dozens of people who work online from home marketing and promoting a number of different services: from make-up to video production studios.

So I want you to take the focus off of your failure and place it on the failure of the economy at the moment. What this will empower you to do is:

  • Realise you are still a useful person
  • Engage your resourcefulness in looking for a new job
  • Encourage you to find a niche market for your skills
  • Get educated or retrained
  • Start thinking about what you've always wanted to do for a living
  • Form a neighbourhood scheme or work cooperative
  • Be resourceful with what you have
There is so much free money sloshing around in the economy at the moment from reduction in mortgage rates to subsidies for small businesses. If you have time on your hands, start stretching yourself. Do the research, start making your life happen and stop waiting sorrowfully for someone to knock on your door with a job.

No one can avoid problems in life, but we can learn how to face our challenges resourcefully and productively. Crying over spilt milk will do nothing but depress us and drain our energy. I've learned a ton about marketing and business this last year, and things are going very well for me. I have lots to share with you. Why not download also my 7 Ways to Keep your Head report which is designed for self employed business people.

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Are You a Failure Or Success?

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This article was published on 2010/04/03